Solid Pre-Finished

Solid wood floors are the original style that we have seen for centuries, from the castles of yesteryear to the modern homes of today. It’s the natural choice for today’s homeowners. 

Timeless Look

Hand scraped, wire brushed or smooth, the look of wood has endured for years and so will this floor. With proper installation and maintenance, solid wood floors are know to endure for decades.


Each board is Mother Nature’s creation; we are the ones lucky enough then to craft it into a work of art for your space. A lot of engineered floors are rotary peeled and have a completely different look. With solid flooring, you will have the traditional look of plain sawn.

Thicker Wear Layer

Our solid ¾ wood flooring is created from some of the best hardwood on the planet, well known for its outstanding durability for the active life styles of the most demanding households. Solid wood can be refreshed over decades with sand and refinishing, something more limited with its engineered counterpart.

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